CHI 2012 publication: “Envisioning ubiquitous computing”

My paper “Envisioning ubiquitous computing” is to be published at CHI 2012. You can grab a PDF of it here. Full reference and abstract below.

Reeves, S. Envisioning ubiquitous computing. In Proceedings of SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). ACM Press, May 2012.

Visions of the future are a common feature of discourse within ubiquitous computing and, more broadly, HCI. ‘Envisioning’, a characteristic future-oriented technique for design thinking, often features as significant part of our research processes in the field. This paper compares, contrasts and critiques the varied ways in which envisionings have been used within ubiquitous computing and traces their relationships to other, different envisionings, such as those of virtual reality. In unpacking envisioning, it argues primarily that envisioning should be foregrounded as a significant concern and interest within HCI. Foregrounding envisioning’s frequent mix of fiction, forecasting and extrapolation, the paper recommends changes in the way we read, interpret and use envisionings through taking into account issues such as context and intended audience.

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